You've probably heard people talking about the "knockout game" on Facebook or in the news lately, but what exactly is it? Well, we weren't sure either, so we did some digging and discovered the ugly, senselessly violent truth behind the so-called "game."

The "knockout game" is as much a "game" as it is funny -- not at all. According to recent reports, the idiotic trend goes back at least a couple years, but has just recently caught the attention of news outlets. So what is it?

The "knockout game" is basically where someone punches an unsuspecting victim, usually in public, in an attempt to knock them out with a single punch for no reason whatsoever. In other words, "sucker-punching" people.

The -- let's drop "knockout game" and just call them what they really are -- senseless attacks have risen in popularity of late, especially in Brooklyn, where there have been several assaults on Jewish residents. The "game" is not only a problem in the New York area, incidents have been reported in at least six states. The violent trend has even claimed the lives of at least 4 victims, who were guilty of nothing but being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The fatal attacks have all taken place in different cities thus far -- Syracuse, New York, St. Louis, Missouri, Chicago, Illinois and Hoboken, New Jersey.