I hope this is the last time I ever write about Penn State Football and the horrific sexual scandal that surrounds it.  My thoughts on what needs to happen to the school and the football program, plus the Tigers coming back to life and why I'm glad the Lions didn't give Cliff Avril a long time deal.

NCAA: What Should Happen To Penn State Football

There is no more denying it or claiming that Joe Paterno and other Penn State big wigs did all they could to protect children from a monster.  The Freeh Report came out last week, an investigation that was led by the former head of the FBI.  The report included thousands of emails, texts, witnesses and other forms of evidence, proving that Paterno and other high ranking officials knew that Sandusky was sexually abusing children, and they did nothing about it.  They enabled Sandusky to continue his reign of terror, on their campus and under their noses.

The facts have many people calling for the death penalty for Penn State's football team, but I can't get behind that idea.  The university and the team should face severe penalties, but putting an end to the Nittany Lions is the wrong call.  The people involved in the scandal should all be fired and facing charges, but the kids and coaches involved with the team today had nothing to do with what happened.  I think the NCAA would be in line with a multiple year Bowl ban, a reduction in scholarships and most importantly, all the profit that the team brings in should go directly to sexual abuse charities.  Also, players who want to leave for another school should be allowed to.  Penn State didn't directly break NCAA rules, but they did show a serious lack of institutional control.

It's no surprise that reports are now coming out that Sandusky was abusing boys as far back as the 1970's.  For as long as that man had access to children, you can guarantee that he was preying on them.  The fact that so many people hid the fact is not only surprising, it's shocking and truly disturbing.

MLB: Tigers Coming To Life

We are into the second half of the MLB season, and the Tigers are slowly, yet surely, climbing the ranks.  The Tigers are 3.5 games behind the AL Central, which is an easy gap to close.  The Tigers had high expectations on their bats this season, and for the most part, the team is delivering.  They are in the top ten of the league when it comes to runs, on base percentage, slugging, and batting average.  Pitching has been a different story, with Justin Verlander still putting up quality performances, but the rest of the line up has struggled.

Looking at the big picture, there is still a lot of baseball left.  The Tigers need to focus on getting their runners off the bases and across the plate and playing more consistent defense.  They've played good D recently, but it has to be an all the time thing.

Aside from all that, Justin Verlander is stuffing Kate Upton! A Cy Young means nothing compared to that.  On that note, Kate Upton has a phenomenal rack, but let's not sleep on her ass.  I mean look at that thing!

NFL: Cliff Avril of Detroit Lions Not Given Long Term Deal

The Detroit Lions decided to franchise defensive end Cliff Avril, locking in the 26-year-old for 1 year at $10.6 million.  Avril hoped to ink a multiple year contract, especially after his strong performance in 2011.  Avril had 11 sacks,  6 force fumbles and 3 fumble recoveries, having the best year thus far in his career.

I'm glad Avril is back on the team, but I'm more glad that the Lions didn't give him a big contract.  Avril is a quality D-End, but he's not a max money player.  If he didn't have NDonkyKong Suh getting double and triple teamed, Avril wouldn't have put up such impressive numbers.  Somebody is going to end up paying Avril way too much money, and I'm glad it's not going to be the Lions