Not long before the tragedies that took place on September 11th, I had interviewed to work here at Banana 101.5 and was impatiently awaiting a phone call saying that I got the job. After that morning it seemed like nothing else in my life even mattered as my thoughts moved to the families that were destroyed that day.

I remember I was working afternoon drive on Radio X in Lapeer, so I didn't have to get up as early as I do now. I was laying in bed when my girlfriend at the time called me to tell that there was something going on and I needed to turn on the news. I was sitting in my living room eating breakfast as the second plane struck and I couldn't believe what I was watching. I remember as the towers collapsed I dropped my fork and just sat there in disbelief. Honestly I don't remember what else happened that day, it's like everything else is a blur.

What do you remember about that day?