It has been heavily hinted at that there will be some sort of performance featuring the surviving members of Nirvana at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony this Thursday... and thanks to a hint posted on Facebook, we think we know who will be singing -- click here to find out.

Everyone is wondering who would be performing with Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and (probably) Pat Smear for the Nirvana induction. After all, there really is no sure fire way to fill Kurt Cobain's shoes and keep fans happy. After the above photo was posted to the Nirvana and Foo Fighters Facebook pages, we think we have the answer -- Joan Jett.

As you can see, her guitar is in the middle of the rest of the gear in the pic, which we're fairly certain is their way of telling us that she'll be there performing vocals with the Nirvana guys on Thursday (April 10th) at Barclays Center. If not, it's one hell of a way to throw people for a loop.

It makes total sense that they go with a left-field choice so fans aren't insulted by someone trying to imitate Kurt... Plus her and Dave have performed together before. Mystery solved?

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

...And a closer look at that guitar.

Mike Lawrie, Getty Images