With Halloween right around the corner, we decided we want to know who your favorite horror movie bad guy is. Whether you're down with evil geniuses like Hannibal Lector or brutal slashers like Jason Voorhees, you can vote for your favorite killer here.

  • Jason Voorhees

    Hometown: Crystal Lake 

    Death Toll: 160+ 

    Favorite Weapon: Machete 

    Favorite Accessory: Hockey Mask 

    Likes: Off Screen Speed Walking

    Dislikes: Swimming, Teenagers

  • Freddy Krueger

    Hometown: Springwood, Ohio

    Death Toll: 43+

    Favorite Weapon: Knifed Glove

    Favorite Accessory: Christmas Sweater, Fedora

    Likes: Bus Driving, One-liners

    Dislikes: Fire, Remakes

  • Pennywise The Dancing Clown AKA %22IT%22

    Hometown: Unknown / Derry, Maine

    Death Toll: 100+

    Favorite Weapon: Your Imagination

    Favorite Accessory: Balloons

    Likes: Fear

    Dislikes: Children

  • Leatherface

    Hometown: Somewhere in Texas

    Death Toll: 23+

    Favorite Weapon: Chainsaw

    Favorite Accessory: Dead Skin Mask (not the song by Slayer)

    Likes: Sewing, Cooking

    Dislikes: Exercise, Salad

  • Michael Myers

    Hometown: Haddonfield, Illinois

    Death Toll: 95+

    Favorite Weapon: Large Knife

    Favorite Accessory: William Shatner Mask

    Likes: Spending Time With His Family

    Dislikes: His Family

  • Pinhead

    Hometown: Hell

    Death Toll:  ?

    Favorite Weapon: Hooks

    Favorite Accessory: Puzzle Box

    Likes: Nothing

    Dislikes: Everything

  • Hannibal Lector

    Hometown: Somewhere in Lithuania

    Death Toll: 21+

    Favorite Weapon: Teeth

    Favorite Accessory: Probably a Book or Something

    Likes: Eating

    Dislikes: Bad Manners

  • The Creeper

    Hometown: Unknown

    Death Toll: 300+

    Favorite Weapon: Hands, Teeth

    Favorite Accessory: Wings, Old Ass Truck

    Likes: Eating, Sniffing

    Dislikes: Sleeping

  • Candyman

    Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

    Death Toll: ?

    Favorite Weapon: Hook

    Favorite Accessory: Bees

    Likes: Blondes

    Dislikes: Slavery

  • The Tall Man

    Hometown: Unknown

    Death Toll: ?

    Favorite Weapon: Embalming Fluid

    Favorite Accessory: Spheres

    Likes: Zombie Dwarves

    Dislikes: Other Tall People

  • Jigsaw

    Hometown: Generic City, Anywhere USA

    Death Toll: 0 (Technically)

    Favorite Weapon: Apathy

    Favorite Accessory: Death Traps

    Likes: Second Chances

    Dislikes: Cancer

  • Chucky AKA Charles Lee Ray

    Hometown: Hackensack, New Jersey

    Death Toll: 33+

    Favorite Weapon: Whatever He Can Lift

    Favorite Accessory: Bride Of Chucky

    Likes: Smoking Weed, Getting Laid

    Dislikes: Being a Doll

  • The Leprechaun

    Hometown: Ireland

    Death Toll: 42+

    Favorite Weapon: Magic, Cheesy One-Liners

    Favorite Accessory: Gold

    Likes: Going to tha Hood

    Dislikes: Going Back to tha Hood