Last night the Genesee Intermediate School District decided to close all of their schools for the rest of 2012 for a number of reasons. Check out their official press release as well as details on the incidents that led to the decision here.

With just a few days left to go before most schools sent their kids on holiday break, the GISD decided to pull the plug on the school's calender year, as did all Lapeer, Cass City and Marlette Schools -- a move that is somewhat understandable given the circumstances.

It has been a particularly trying week for educators and students alike, with the memory of last week's tragedy in Newtown, CT still very fresh in everyone's mind. Some area students have made the situation even more difficult, as a pair of incidents have influenced the GISD's decision.

A couple of Millington High School students allegedly made threats against the school and its students, -- reportedly not their first time doing so -- which caused police to detain the pair and start an investigation on Tuesday (Dec. 18th). Millington Schools closed through the new year the very next day.

Yesterday (12/19) at least one student at Grand Blanc High School sent -- what he thought of as -- a joke text to their parents claiming the school was under attack, he had heard shots fired and was hiding in a closet. Of course, the news of the "joke" spread and parents began pulling students from school. There was also a 911 call made, which caused all kinds of unnecessary action from police. However, it is good to know that they were quick to respond in that type of situation.

Both of these incidents, paired with the events that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary last Friday, caused the GISD to make the decision detailed in their press release below:

"It is clear that last Friday changed all of us. As educators, we acknowledge, and we believe our communities would agree, that schools are at the center of concern right now. As school district Superintendents we have been in constant communication with one another and there are too many unique factors that have influenced our unanimous decision to cancel school and all school activities for Thursday, December 20 and Friday, December 21.

Our communities are anxious, parents are concerned about the safety of their children, there are rumors that have multiplied as a result of social media, and there are threats within local districts that bring pause as to whether conducting classes would be appropriate. We have discussed information from local law enforcement, the realities of being able to investigate every threat, information related to district sensitivities, and our concerns about whether a normal instructional day could be achieved.

Our conclusion is that canceling school is the appropriate thing to do."

On top of all of the events of the last week, there were also rumors that there was going to be some sort of "student revolt" at Grand Blanc High School on Friday. Those combined with the threats and rumors of violence on December 21st -- the day the Mayans supposedly foretold as the end of the world -- undoubtedly played a heavy role in the school district's decision.

What do you think? Is the school district doing the right thing by calling it a year or are they caving in too easily to students who are simply pulling pranks to get a couple extra days off?