The one thing Flint has, is a lot of tattoo shops. Now I suppose that's a good problem to have but which one do you go to? Some people like go right to the guy that will do the cheapest work because tattoos can be expensive. This is seriously the worst idea when it comes to getting something so permanent. There's a reason that artists and shops are pricey and that's because they deliver quality work but there's a lot of other factors that you need to consider. In this video you get a better understanding of why tattoos are so expensive.

We've all had tattoo regret because we didn't pick the right person for the job. Shop around and talk to people, don't just go to the first sign you see that says 'Tattoos'. Go to the one that creates the best quality work around.

Please note that everything will differ slightly from one studio to another. Rates also will be different depending on the artist and country. This is only to give you a general idea why your artist is not necessarily trying to rip you off by charging you what they charge.