Let's face it guys; we know our girls fake the 'big O' from time to time -- we just deal with it. Well, most deal with it, others take it to heart -- as a guy you shouldn't do that -- if it was up to us we would be done as soon as we finish, but since we sorta care for these chicks we go that "extra mile" to please them, or so we thought.

Katie at College Candy shared 15 reasons why girls fake it and gave the female's point-of-view -- I took a few reasons Katie gave and gave my two cents on the subject. Take a look at the real reason your girl fakes it.

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    They Don't Want To Hurt Our Feelings

    Thanks for being so kind! You say it's because you love us and that you don't want to "bruise" our egos -- what are you dating? A sissy? Why not come flat out and say you're not into it at the moment -- get 'off' and get off of me!

    Some men, not boys, can handle the truth.

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    They're Bored

    So they fake it! They want to get the dirty deed over as fast as they can so they can go back to watching some meaningless TV show, knit, do their nails or read about how to be good in bed.

    If missionary isn't working, why not suggest some other position that may "excite" you -- you can tell us to 'Smack it up, flip it, rub it down, oh, no'!

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    They're Drunk

    Like us guys, when a girl gets drunk their 'no-no parts' get numb as well -- odds are that if she's drunk, your probably drunk as well. What this means, ladies, is neither of us will peak to pleasure -- let's just have a nasty round of drunk sex and call it good.

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    They're Preoccupied

    Girls think? Kidding! We all have stuff on our minds, isn't sex suppose to be therapeutic? I can understand a major tragedy, like a death or bad hair day -- but everyday problems won't go away.

    Make your next sex sesh about relieving stress -- don't pull the "I have a headache" scam -- sex releases endorphins which are the best remedy for a headache.

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    They Are Afraid We'll Leave Them

    Chicks are self-conscious -- then again so are most guys -- so girls feel if we are not pleasing them, we may leave them to find someone who we can please. There may be a bit of truth behind this, but if we truly care about you then tell us the problem and we can work on it.

    Hell! Why not bring that other chick into the picture -- she might be able to do the job better than us, plus you'll help us fill a fantasy! Just a thought.

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    They Want To Be In Control

    Ladies! You already control 90% of our lives -- you tell us what to wear, where we are going, who we can hangout with, etc. -- if you want to take control; take control!

    I'm sure most guys won't bitch if you tell us what position you want, to speed up, slow down, right there, no not there ... you get what I'm saying.

    Sex is a team sport played by two people; a bit of coaching never hurts.

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    They're Hungry

    Guys are always hungry; that never gets in the way of sex for us! Let's "bump uglies" and then we can go make a sandwich.

    Enough said!

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    They Are Not Turned On

    Sorry our beer guy and scruffy face don't make you feel all happy down below -- we all can't be those dudes from 'Twilight'!

    As long as we don't have food stuck in our teeth and have awful B.O. -- what's the problem? You know who we are and how we are -- deal with it!