A wild turkey ravaged the University of Michigan campus over the weekend, proving that feral fowl can be just a massive threat to civil society.

University police said they didn’t want to take any violent actions against the bird because it was just a defenseless animal. Instead officers set a trap to catch the culprit.

"There had been a cage that was put out to capture it. It ended up in its cage. I believe it was near Bursley Hall," said University of Michigan Police Department spokeswoman Diane Brown.

"We were doing this for the safety of the turkey,” she continued. “I think the biggest thing is that we're thankful the turkey and other people didn't get hurt and we don't have any property damage as a result of it."

While it may seen unreasonable or, perhaps, even downright ridiculous to suggest that a wild turkey could cause any problems, I published a short story several years ago that will make you a believer... if that doesn't -- the vicious cockfight we caught on video just outside the station (video at bottom) will. Wild turkeys are not defenseless animals!

Listen for yourself below:

Or see for yourself below: