Up until today I hadn't heard much about Will Ferrell's upcoming movie 'Casa de mi Padre.' Even with the Spanish title, the last thing we were expecting was a telenovela-style film with subtitles -- check out the trailer here.

Will Ferrell is a very polarizing comedic actor -- some find him hilarious while others find him to be an unfunny, obnoxious man-child. Usually I fall into the first category but I can admit that not everything he touches turns to gold -- 'Semi-Pro,' 'Blades of Glory,' 'Bewitched,' etc. Ferrell's latest on screen venture looks like it could go either way.

The Spanish language film takes the dramatic over-acting and camera movements found in Telemundo soaps and turns them up to 11. It's actually a pretty funny concept -- especially with Ferrell in the lead role -- but it may end up as one of those ideas that looks better on paper. The only non-Spanish moment in the trailer comes compliments of Nick Offerman ('Parks and Recreation') as an immigration agent, which is a great casting move. If there's anyone who can play a mustachioed member of INS asking "Do you speak American?" -- it's Ron Swanson. 'Casa de mi Padre' (or 'House of my Father' as it translates) hits theaters March 16th.