Meet "William Breathes," writer for Denver's Westword magazine, he is their "pot" critic. Denver has more than 300 "farmacy's" where medical marijuana patients can get their medicine. This puts the total pot shops higher than the amount of Starbucks in the town. Read more about this "kush" job after the jump.

William Breathes, real name withheld so he can keep his anonymity so he won't get special treatment from the clients he reviews, is a full time "pot critic" for the Denver Westword, he gets to go around to all the pot shops in the area, review the shop itself, the product and other features that potential customers may like to know and then writes it up.

Breathes says that while getting to smoke the product, it's still a job, he has deadlines to meet, editors to answer too and still produce a well written article. He also stated that when he writes about the shops he will give the shop's atmosphere a review as well, saying that if he feels shady in a certain shop, that many customers may as well.

With Flint's dispensaries growing at an extraordinary rate, when do you think we will get a "pot critic" to sample the products and write some information for would be patients? What do you say that we think about getting one for