Kepari Leniata, a 20-year old mother in Papua New Guinea, was accused of being a witch and was then tortured and burned alive by the villagers. That is some old school, biblical s--- right there!

Looks like we'll be taking that vacation to New Guinea off of our bucket list. According to Huffington Post, Leniata was accused of killing a young boy with "sorcery." As that boy's relatives stood by, a mob of hundreds stripped the woman naked, doused her with gasoline and light the flame that would ultimately extinguish hers. As if that weren't bad enough, the site of her funeral pyre was a giant pile of trash. Of all the worst possible ways to die, that's gotta be toward the top of the list.

Police and firefighters tried to save the woman, but the mob proved to be too many and they were chased away. The story also says that, at some point, Leniata admitted to killing the boy, who died in the hospital after complaining of stomach and chest pains earlier this week.