I guess it beats getting run over by a reindeer.  A Florida woman is behind bars after allegedly attacking her ex with a stuffed deer.  The crazed woman repeatedly struck him with the stuffed animal, and stabbed at his face and body with the antlers.

The Daily Mail reports that Chelsea Harrison was trying to prevent her ex, Terry Nowakowski from coming into their shared home.  Although the pair were no longer a couple, they shared a home for financial reasons and to be with their 3 year old daughter.  Unfortunately the 3 year old daughter witnessed the attack.  Sweet parenting.

Nowakowski went outside to talk to his new girlfriend on the phone, so when he wanted back in the home Chelsea was not having it!  When he could not get in through the door, Terry tried removing a window screen.  That did not work either, Chelsea then allegedly punched him in the face.  That is when he broke down the door!

I have learned two things:

1.  Living with your ex is not a good idea

2. If you do, make sure all animals are completely mounted to the wall