A Florida woman was recently pulled over for speeding and swerving while operating a motor vehicle. Before officers could give her a sobriety test, she warned them that her big boobs made it tough for her to maintain her balance. So this apparently is a "because boobs" excuse.

The Daily Mail reports that deputies took Maureen J. Raymond, 49, through a series of field sobriety tests even after her warning. I am sure you may have guessed, she did not pass them.

Not only did she claim she could not balance with her big rack, she allegedly began taking her shirt off in front of the officers. Not a good plan. But wait, it gets better. Arresting officers took her to the station for a breathalyzer test, before she would blow she told deputies she needed to pray first. I'll say!

This sounds like an episode of "Cops". Raymond is charged with open intoxicants and being under the influence.  Under the influence of what? Booze, stupidity and giant knockers?