Talk about lower than low. An Ohio woman was caught on camera stealing a stuffed animal from the grave of a 14-month-old boy. The parents of the deceased boy, Hayden Cole Sheridan contacted police after countless toys and lights have gone missing from his grave since 2007. How sad is that?

Although the family put up cameras over the years to catch the thief, no clear image of the culprit came through. Police cameras did not have that problem. On Easter Sunday, the family put a stuffed duck on Hayden's grave. Within a few hours a woman appeared and took the duck! WTF?

Ohio police posted a picture of the woman on their Facebook page. The woman did come forward with one hell of a stupid excuse. Frieda Kay Shade claims she took the toy so that a stray dog on the property wouldn't destroy. Really? Give me a break. The family is not buying that dumb excuse, the grave robber is being charged with petty theft. F you Frieda, you are indeed one shady lady.