I love to play jokes on people at work.  I have been known to "email bomb" people, which is jumping on a co-workers computer and sending emails to other people in the building.  I have also played jokes with packzi's, paged fake intercom announcements, the list goes on and on.

However, I have never tried to poison anyone I work with (except Chris Monroe).  A Virginia woman is in big trouble after she was recently caught poisoning her co-workers' drinks with Visine.  

23 Year old Santana Helms is accused of putting the eye medicine in beverages belonging to her gift shop co-worker.  According to WSET, ingesting Visine can cause blurred vision (?), seizures and possibly coma's.  Holy crap!

It is not known as of now why Helms targeted this particular woman.  Maybe she would not cover a shift for her or maybe she was a real bitch.  Nonetheless, Helms will face a grand jury in Septemeber.

I can't type anymore, my vision is becoming blllllluurryyyy- looks like Chrissy may have poisoned me back!