If I went around punching everyone that called me a name I did not like, I would of hit a lot of people by now.  On a daily basis I am greeted with a "Hello Bitch!" from Chris Monroe.  Doesn't bother me at all.

That can't be said for this particular Florida woman.  Deborah Frances Benafield came unglued when her fiance called her "Debbie Cakes".  Benafield's fiance, a 23 year old woman, was hit in the head four times by her lover.  Wow!  Over "Debbie Cakes"?  I might hit someone FOR eating my last actual Little Debbie Cake, but never for calling me one!

TC Toast is reporting that the fiance was not injured, however her super crazy partner is being charged with domestic battery.  I think it is a safe bet that this relationship will not last.

I think I will go punch Chris Monroe after all.