We all know the dangers of texting and driving.  However walking and texting can have consequences too.  Just ask Bonnie Miller.  Miller was recently walking along a pier in St. Joseph, Michigan, when she lost her balance and fell right into Lake Michigan.

WOOD-TV is reporting that Miller was with her husband and 15 year old son at the time she fell in the water.  What I find strange is they did not jump in to rescue her, a stranger did.  Passerby Rebecca Van Zant, jumped in to help her. What the hell were Bonnie's husband and son doing?

St. Joseph police arrived on the scene and threw a flotation device into the water.  The local fire department and U.S. Coast Guard also arrived on the scene.  My question remains, what were the woman's husband and son doing to help? This is another reason why I do not want to get married or have a kid, both seemed to be pretty useless in this situation.