Chances are if you are in a relationship, you have looked at your significant others cell phone. When I say looked, I really mean snooped. Finding a flirty text or sexy pic of someone you don't know most likely would piss you off, how about finding a video of your mate having sex with your dog? How would that go over?

An unidentified woman in the U.K. was looking at her boyfriends old cell phone and came across a video of him having sex with HER dog! The dog lover, 19-year-old Wayne Bryson had no explanation in court as to why he gave the dog his bone. What could he of possibly said? The dog came on to me? Just because a dog humps your leg DOES NOT mean it likes you.

I don't know how this ties in, but Bryson did admit to marijuana possession. Weed does not make you want to bang a dog. Well, maybe that canine chronic? Wayne 'Pooch Popper' Bryson is out on bail and has been instructed to stay away from animals. Is pet-o-phile a word? It is now. Too bad it has to be. Ugh.


* Above picture is not actual person or dog involved in this story.