When it comes to ads for things we have seen them all, help wanted, employment wanted even relationship wanted.  But here is an add you don't see everyday, "Weed Wanted".  A New Mexico woman posted an ad on Craigslist looking for marijuana.  How did she word it, woman wants weed? Desperately seeking smoke?

KOB-TV is reporting that Anamicka Dave (29), placed an ad looking for Mary Jane. The "Mary Jane" she was referring to was not a person or a lost pet. Authorities were shocked that someone would place an ad so blatant for drugs.  At first Sargent Ty Sharpe thought the ad was placed by fellow officers as a sting.  Not so much, this chic placed the weed seeking ad.

Police texted the number in the ad and set up a meeting with Ms. Dave.   She did not score the weed but she did get arrested and booked on criminal solicitation.

Maybe she should of just placed a "Brain Wanted" ad?