'Please welcome to the jail cell stage, inmate #456', I am guessing none of the officers gave Lakeisha Johnson an introduction like that, but she certainly did give them a show! Johnson was suspected of stealing an iPad, and was later charged with resisting an officer without violence. So what does that have to do with masturbation? Keep reading.

I cannot confirm of deny that Johnson is a stripper, but she does work at Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami. That being said, Lakeisha did remove her clothes while in her cell, exposing her crotch, butt, boobs to officers, and then she started 'self loving' as the grand finale. Ugh. When Ms. Thing faced the judge, even he was to embarrassed to say the word 'masturbate' in court. Judge Hurley just said 'file this under doozy'. I'll say!