Earlier today at around 7:30 am, a man shot a woman in Isabella County near the Midland County line.

According to WNEM, a couple woke this morning to find someone, possibly two people, in the home. A fight broke out, and a woman was shot in the stomach. She was airlifted to the hospital, but her condition isn't known.

Police are looking for Kenneth Maddox. He's around 6' tall and was last seen wearing a red or orange shirt and jeans.As of right now, it's still unclear if there's a second suspect.

Midland County Sheriff Scott Stephenson stated: "At this point in time there is no indication that the persons at large are targeting any one location or area. Law enforcement is working on locating a potential suspect on the Midland County line south of M20 at this time. We ask that anybody in the area to please lock their doors and to report any suspicious people to Isabella County Central Dispatch or 911," Isabella County Central Dispatch posted on Facebook.

The situation is being taken very seriously as there were several lockdowns in the area.

Also according to WNEM, the Bullock Creek School District has entered into "Secure Mode." That means business as usual inside the building, but no one is allowed in or out of the schools. Same goes for Mid Michigan Medical Center, both campuses in Midland and Mt. Pleasant are in "Code Secure" status. It's all just precaution measures they are taking.