This story is going to bring out a lot of opinions.

A now 22 year old woman is suing a bar in South Carolina for not carding her when she was 20 years old. Chelsea Hess drank at Jock's Sports Grill in 2009 illegally then drove herself without wearing a seat belt and ended up in a terrible accident.  Hess drove off  the road and  was thrown from the vehicle 20 ft.  Chelsea is now a paraplegic.

Is this the fault of the bar for serving her and not asking for ID or is this Chelsea's fault for drinking illegally and then getting behind the wheel?

According to the Daily Mail, Ms. Hess is claiming that that the bartender should of asked for her ID.  I say, why was she ordering alcohol in the first place if she was not 21?  The bar claims she is responsible for her injuries due to gross negligence.

It's instances like this I imagine that lead to getting carded even when it appears the person is of legal age.  You can just never tell I guess.  What do you think?  Yes, it was a tragic accident but is the bar to blame?  Do you think she would be suing if there was no accident?

As we head into the new year, please be safe!  We want you in 2012!