Somebody call Spanish-speaking Maury Povich! An Argentinian woman is set to marry the man convicted of murdering her twin sister...WTF?

Every once in a while, a story comes along that is so unbelieveable, you know that it's true because no one would make up something so ridiculous -- "stranger than fiction" is the saying, I believe.

22-year old Edith Casas has been granted permission to marry a man serving a 13-year prison sentence for murder, which is a little unusual, but not unheard of. The unusual part is that he is serving time for the 2010 murder of Edith's twin sister Johana, who was fatally shot and found in a field. The situation leads us to, roughly, three different assumptions about Edith:

  1. She really hated her sister.
  2. She's absolutely nuts!
  3. She helped kill her sister.

There is always the chance that the convicted killer/groom-to-be, Victor Cingolani (pictured top right with Johana), was incorrectly found guilty. After all, Edith claims he "would not hurt a fly." Cingolani was in a "casual" relationship with Johana at the time of her death, but claims that he is now in love with her sister.

The ceremony was set to take place a few weeks ago, but was postponed at the request of Edith's mother, who suggested that her daughter is psychologically ill and requires a psychiatric evaluation. What a mess!

If this were an episode of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,' the daughter would likely be revealed as the actual killer, but not before Ice-T drops a snappy one-liner like, "talk about your sibling rivalry."