Talk about gross! A scorned Pennsylvania woman actually tricked a teenage boy into seeing naked pictures of his own mother. Julie Ottaviani, 54, believed the the teens mom was having an affair with her husband and was seeking revenge.

The bitter bitch admitted to hacking her husband's phone and computer, that is where she found the photos. She then created a fake Facebook page and posted the nude shots. It gets worse, she friend requested the 14-year-old son of the nude woman. After the teen accepted the request, boom -- he sees nude pictures of his mother.

Believe me, I do not condone cheating in any way shape or form, however this is out of line. This boy did not deserve to be brought into this craziness. Julie Ottaviani has agreed to plead guilty to charges of corruption of minors and criminal use of a computer. Watch as she attempts to take a microphone from a news reporter in the video below. Someone has a temper!