Gee your skin looks terrific, what is your secret? Well, if you ask that question to one particular girl, the answer is sperm. 19-year-old Zeng Lin, thought she was putting lotion on her face but it was actually the sperm of a secret admirer.

I think we are clear on how the sperm got into the the bottle, but how did it get into the hands, let alone on the body of this girl? From what I understand it was sent to her by a secret admirer, 22-year-old Gou Wen.

The victim told authorities the special moisturizer did not smell like normal face cream, so she tasted it and knew right away what it was. Just kidding, she did not taste it (that I know of).  As far as the creepy secret sauce sender, he was ordered to pay $300 in damages. That does not seem like  a lot of money, but keep in mind, technically she did paint her own face.