I have always heard that "the Lord works in mysterious ways", but this might be stretching it.  A Florida woman used her bible as a weapon against her son's girlfriend.  The bible thumping mother is accused of throwing the good book at her during an argument.

Mommy dearest claims her son's girlfriend stole jewelery from her.  The couple are apparently living with the mother, because according to the NWF Daily News, they have no where else to go.  Yes, it is quite possible that this couple is down on their luck and it is also quite possible that they are losers too.

The woman claims she accidentally struck the girl.  She also claims the girl was taunting her by recording the argument and taking pics with her cell phone.  Accident or not the victim did have a swollen bloody eye when police arrived.

Now the bible thrower will have "the book thrown at her".  She is being charged with battery causing bodily harm.  Someone has a lot of praying to do.