Wow, how did I miss this story? This woman is not a ball breaker, she is a ball biter!  In February Maria Topp bit her boyfriends testicles so hard he needed 19 stitches in order to close the wound.  The victim, Martin Douglas was in such shock that an emergency service worker could barely understand him when he called for help.   Can you imagine getting that call?  "What did you say happened sir? She bit your balls off"?  "Where are the balls now"?

The Telegraph is reporting that the couple were having spaghetti for dinner and had no meat balls.  Just kidding.  The pair had been drinking heavily and arguing.  Allegedly Ms. Topp was actually on top of Mr. Douglas when it happened.   There were numerous injuries to the mans junk including a serious wound to the scrotum.  The man eater has pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and will be sentenced on November 11, 2011.

Douglas did not appear in the court room during the plea, but the Telegraph reports that he was in the building ready to give evidence.  Ha!  What is the evidence, chewed up nuts?