If you frequent The Men's Club or The Machine Shop as much as we do, the on-going construction that has caused Atherton Rd. to be closed between Dort and Center has been a big pain in your ass as well. So I headed down there earlier today (July 13th) to figure out what the hell was taking so long and when the road would be re-opened.

After identifying myself and asking when Atherton Rd. would be open for business, the crew responded "When we're done working," giving me the feeling they didn't want to talk to me. I continued saying we've been getting a lot of inquiries as to when work would conclude and they finally told me that it should be finished and re-opened by the end of today.

So there you go Flint, another mystery solved by Detective Tree. Sure they've probably covered this on the news, but I (like a lot of you I assume) don't really watch the news. If you have any other "mysteries" you'd like Banana to solve, email tree@banana1015.com.