Most of us wash our faces, clean our ears & soap our privates.

But what about our belly buttons?

A new study reveals that we tend to ignore our belly buttons, thus making them a pool of bacteria and sometimes bugs.Researchers at North Carolina State University asked 95 people to swab the inside of their belly buttons with a q-tip.  The participants were asked to spin the cotton swab inside their BB's three times.

The swabs were then placed in bottles.  Before you can say gross, the bacteria began to grow!

According to News Medical, most of the bacteria found is not deadly.  Just pretty disgusting.

A member of the research team had this to say as to why they studied belly buttons, quote:

"Everybody has one, it's what once connected us to our past".

I can think of another thing "we all have".

What's next?  Swabbing butt-h*les?

Do Chris Monroe's first!