Zakk Wylde is now an author.  Wylde recently wrote a book titled "Bringing Metal To The Children" that will hit stores in May.  Don't be fooled by the title, this book is NOT for the kids!

The book kicks right off with a "true rocker test".  The reader is asked to answer 10 questions right off the bat to see if he or she is a true rocker and should continue reading.  Here are a few other highlights of the book:

  • Epic stories of life on the road
    Life on the road including touring hygiene, pre-concert prep and post-show etiquette
    Wild nights with Rob Zombie, Eddie VanHalen, Dimebag Darrell, Lars Ulrich, Ozzy and more

If your dream is to be in the music business, Zakk offers tips and advise in the book too.

I was on Zakk's tour bus at Harpo's years ago.  No funny business!  What I thought was cool is he had a poster of Randy Rhoads hanging up on the wall.  My visit was short so no crazy stories from me, but this book sounds like it has plenty!

If you can't read -  learn or have someone read it to you when it comes out! This book sounds frickin' awesome!