Zakk Wylde is a bad motherf---er. It seems like the Black Label Society shredder would be impossible to scare, but one particularly obsessive 20-year old has him "terrified" after leaving an unusual present on his porch.

Zakk Wylde is getting BLS prepared for their upcoming string of opening sets on the Judas Priest farewell tour. The band's lineup was recently solidified with the addition of Breaking Ben drummer Chad Szeliga, who replaced temp drummer Mike Froedge. Getting the band ready for the tour isn't his only concern lately though.

According to TMZ, Zakk had a temporary restraining order against a 20-year old neighbor approved by a judge recently. The move was in response to a "sacrifice" that was left on Wylde's doorstep by the alleged stalker, who has reportedly been harassing the rocker for some time now. The "sacrifice" was one of Zakk's signature Bullseye guitars decorated with a flannel shirt, visor, spare tire, and several post-it notes as well. There is also some red paint, sharpie, or possibly blood (ew!) on the guitar and the attached notes, check out the picture of the creepy shrine here.

The legal action taken by Wylde also prompted the police to put the young neighbor in custody for 72 hours for a mental evaluation. Zakk claims the neighbor was deemed mentally ill and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The restraining order requires the troubled youngster to remain 100 yards or more from Wylde and his family.