With Pop Evil releasing their “Be Legendary” music video on Valentine’s Day, we started thinking about the history of kids playing rock stars on film. So you can thank “Be Legendary” — Pop Evil’s 11th straight Top 10 single on the Active Rock chart — for this Loud List.

Like any decent throwback, Pop Evil’s new video takes place in the 1980s, with the kids listening to cassette tapes and playing arcade games. In “Be Legendary,” the Pop Evil video game is an ode to Street Fighter, with two kids battling against each other to attain pre-teen supremacy.

Some of these other clips are a bit more sentimental, like Black Label Society’s video for “In This River.” The Dimebag Darrell tribute ballad can bring any hardened biker to tears, depicting Dime and Zakk Wylde together as kids riding their bikes and heading out on adventures. It’s a beautiful tribute to a good friend gone too soon, and the kids sporting each rocker’s style adds a little hilarity to the otherwise heart-wrenching clip.

Who could forget the first time Papa Emeritus III debuted in a Ghost music video? After years of waiting for the next papal incarnation to arrive, Ghost pulled a bait-and-switch by casting a child actor in “Cirice” instead of Tobias Forge. Like the song, the “Cirice” video is a modern classic, depicting a young Satanist talent show with an embryonic version of Ghost enchanting their crowd.

Check out these 10 Times Kids Played Rock Stars in Music Videos in the Loud List above.

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