It's not every day that you go to your favorite fast food restaurant only to find that they somehow laced your french fries with weed.

Some people might find it to be a nice surprise with their order but that wasn't the case with Dezeray Risner, who picked her daughters up from daycare and took them out to Wendy's to grab some dinner.

The mother noticed that her daughter's fries looked a bit odd and just thought they were burned a little. According to WNEM, her 4-year-old Adrienne said her French fries were “yucky,” Risner told her to spit them out and realized there was marijuana in the food.

She said it was obvious that it was marijuana since you could see it and smell it. She then contacted the manager at the food chain but apparently their situation was just laughed at. After that she contacted police who confirmed that is was marijuana. They confronted the restaurant employees about it, they of course denied being involved but did admit to being pot smokers.

Some comments online are pointing blame at the mother, claiming she put the weed in the fries just to make a lawsuit.