Just in case you were one of those that slept through history class - the state of Michigan possess a cornucopia of unique culture blended with a substantial contribution to American history, making it one of the most beautiful and influential states in the nation – regardless of the brutal crime rate!

Without Michigan, everyone would be driving foreign cars, eating less cereal, and white rappers would not be accepted by the music industry. So in the spirit of useless knowledge, we have assembled a small list of fun facts about Michigan for you to annoy your friends and coworkers with.

Here’s to starting the day off a little wiser and with fewer friends.

  • Michigan is the leading state in the United States for production of peat and magnesium compounds.
  • Michigan is commonly referred to as the “Wolverine State.” However, there are no longer wolverines in the state.
  • Michigan leads the nation in boat registrations.
  • The first version of soda pop in the United States was created in Detroit by a pharmacist by the name of James Vernor – Vernor’s Ginger Ale.
  • No matter where a person stands in Michigan, they are within 85 miles of the Great Lakes.
  • Michigan State Police established the first state police radio system in the world in 1929.
  • Michigan's state reptile is the painted turtle.

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