A 99-cent only store based out of California broke a world record with a huge sign in reference to the store.

The company used the field of the Rose Bowl located in Pasadena, California to set the record of a giant number 99 and used over 12,000 products that they sell that are 99-cents or less to set the record. Items that were used consisted of soda, pet, food and cleaning products.

An official for the Guniess Book of World Records was on hand to confirm that indeed it was a world record. The giant 99 covered more than 18,000 square feet and is now the record holder for the largest package product number in the world. September 9th is the day the record was broken which is referring to the #Day99. Get it 9/9. The Ariel view of the sign is actually pretty sweet looking. Now, who is going to clean it up?

Source: UPI.com and 99CentsOnlyOffical via YouTube

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