Talk to just about anyone in the area and they will tell you they have memories of heading to the "Christmas Tree Farm" in Grand Blanc every year in search of the perfect tree. It was simply a local tradition.

Trim Pines Farm, on Baldwin Road in Grand Blanc, made memories happen for 55 years until they closed their doors in 2018. Although the farm was open year round to provide a variety of trees for landscaping, it was the holiday season when it really came alive.

Families would jump on horse-drawn wagons and head across the snowy paths in search of "the one"...that special tree. After, the barn area would be filled with laughter as families enjoyed hot chocolate and snacks. Kids would visit the horses as parents snapped pictures of their traditional  holiday outing. You were always guaranteed to run into a neighbor or friend at the farm.

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In 2018, after the death of the family patriarch, Trim Pines Farms made the tough decision to close up shop. At the time,son Mike Yancho who was vice president and general manager of the farm, said it was just time to say goodbye. He told ABC-12, "As we've aged, and my dad passed away in November, so that's changed the family dynamics, and we're going to settle my mom's estate, and I'm getting ready to retire to a new career'.

On July 30, 2018, everything on the farm from wagons, to tractors, to even the reindeer that made an appearance now and then would be gone or sold during a online auction.

The property is currently on the market. The almost 80 acres are for sale for $1.5 million and the property is virtually void of any remnant of Trim Pines Farms. Now all that's left  is years of family memories made during a visit to the  "Christmas Tree Farm".

Take a look at what the farm looks like today.

Abandoned Trim Pines Farm