Aaron Lewis was angered by audience members yet again. After telling concert goers to STFU, Lewis attempted to sing another song. He was only a few bars in before he set his guitar down, threw his cup and walked off the stage.

I don't get why people pay to see a show, then talk during it. Especially at an acoustic show - talking to someone next to you is going to be heard more so than if a 5 piece band was playing and plugged in.

I was at the Machine Shop last night for an acoustic show with Mike Tramp and John Corabi - you could have heard a pin drop. The entire audience was glued to watching each of them perform - not talking to each other.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it is BS for him or any artist to leave the stage, or do you think he is right? One thing I do know is I don't want people talking around me when I am trying to watch a show. If you have to talk, move the eff away from the stage.