American cyclist and mother of three Denise Mueller-Korenek just peddled a bike at 184 MPH and set the world record motor paced bicycle land speed record. What?

I also had to do a double take on this one and watch the video. But sure enough, it is legit and crazy all at the same time. Mueller-Korenek who was a 15-time national champion bike racer as a teenager came out of retirement to set the record.

Being tethered behind a pace car, which was driven by a drag racer at the salt flats in Utah, Mueller-Korenek peddled through the drifts of the car then reaching the record around the 4th mile. Wearing an 8-pound leather kevlar suit and helmet for safety due to the salt and wind speeds she smashed the previous record of 167 MPH which was set in 1995 using the same method. This puts the pedal to the metal to a whole nother level.

Source: video courtesy of the Wall Street Journal via YouTube

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