Outkast's Andre 3000 has been attached to the Jimi Hendrix biopic for a very long time. We all knew he had the right look, but I don't think anyone knew how well he could emulate the legendary guitarist's unique mannerisms. The first clip from 'All Is By My Side' make it very clear that he was the man for the job... it's just too bad this movie is doomed. See what I mean here.

'All is By My Side' has the big budget that a Jimi Hendrix biopic has always deserved. Now that you've seen how spot-on Andre Benjamin's performance is, I should probably tell you something. Despite its potential, this movie is ultimately going to disappoint for one reason -- the music. Let me explain.

Those in control of the Hendrix estate have long drained the life out of his catalog of music, but still keep beating us over the head with (at least) annual releases of "new" music. I love all of Jimi's work, but I've heard enough alternate takes and throwaway demos of 'Angel' to last three lifetimes. There's one version of that song I want to hear... and it was the finished studio version included on a number of his greatest hits discs and 'First Rays of the New Rising Sun.'

Despite all their tireless efforts to keep Jimi Hendrix in the "New Release" section at Walmart, they refused to allow his music to be used in 'All Is By My Side' or the previous made-for-TV biopic 'Hendrix'... basically because they suck. They want to be in command of any biopic that will use Jimi's music... from start to finish. Probably so they can take the spotlight off of his less admirable qualities (drug use, the circumstances surrounding his death, etc.) Maybe someone should show Janie Hendrix, Jimi's sister and head of his estate, what 'Ray' and 'Walk the Line' did for the music of Ray Charles and Johnny Cash, respectively. Those films dove deep into the demons of the artist and were better films for it. I'm also sure it jump-started back catalog sales for both artists. Why they want to avoid that type of promotional vehicle is beyond me.

So instead of seeing Jimi rip through 'Purple Haze' or writing 'Voodoo Child (Slight Return),' we get this incredibly well cast Hendrix film about his early career where he'll only be playing cover songs. Thanks, Jimi's sister. You can see 'All Is By My Side' in theaters this August. If you want to hear Hendrix songs though, you'll have to look to the small screen. Apparently, they'd rather use Jimi's music to sell you over-priced undergarments at Victoria's Secret than to tell his life story.

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