It’s here. It’s finally here. The first trailer for Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ arrived during tonight’s two-hour ‘Agent Carter’ premiere. If for some strange reason you didn’t tune in to see Peggy Carter’s television debut (what’s your excuse?), the trailer has arrived online for your viewing pleasure. Following Marvel’s clever tiny teaser marketing, you’ll be pleased to watch Paul Rudd’s heroics in this regular-sized trailer.

We got our first peek at Rudd in the Ant-Man suit earlier today via EW, which held a magnifying glass up to the tiny poster Marvel debuted this morning, but it’s even better watching Rudd’s Scott Lang in motion. As previously confirmed by co-star Evangeline Lilly, ‘Ant-Man’ is definitely a heist film—Lang teams up with Dr. Hank Pym to prevent his Ant-Man technology from getting into the wrong hands, and together they must pull off the most important heist in history.

This trailer definitely indicates that director Peyton Reed has delivered with Marvel’s tiny hero—the tone is pitch-perfect, too. Douglas’ Hank Pym gives such a moving and serious speech, and Rudd’s comedic timing is wonderful. “Is it too late to change the name?” You’ve undoubtedly wondered the same thing as Ant-Man prepares to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and going by the trailer, Marvel is pretty aware of their little hero’s silly name.

‘Ant-Man’ also stars Corey Stoll as Yellowjacket, Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne/Wasp, Michael Peña, and Judy Greer, and hits theaters on July 17, 2015.

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