Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian is a well-known horror fanatic. The thrash shredder was transformed into a "walker" for 'The Walking Dead' back in 2011, but ultimately, he appeared on a webisode rather than the actual show. However, three years later, Scott Ian will finally make his 'Walking Dead' television debut!

Ian's 2011 zombie makeover was pretty cool, but it's got nothing on the guitarist's 2014 transformation. 'The Walking Dead' has constantly been improving when it comes to special effects, and it's plain to see with this undead Scott Ian.

In a video posted by Nerdist, the entire process of turning Scott Ian into a cannibalistic member of the bitten is documented. "I was always just like, 'Goddamn, it would be the coolest f--king thing if I could ever get to be a walker. I got to do the webisode thing and that was awesome and I remember Greg [Nicotero] telling me at one point that everyone in the business wants to come be a walker, so we kind of put the kibosh on all of that. I didn't think it would ever happen."

Not only did Ian's 'Walking Dead' cameo happen, but the Anthrax guitarist gets his own close-up. From under a pile of debris, the Ian walker even gets to attack Andrew Lincoln, who plays the part of Rick Grimes on the show. You'll be able to see Ian's cameo on the second half of the show's current season.

Check out the entire process in the clip above!

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