She's been called "the next Kate Upton" and "the next Charlotte McKinney," but this white-hot Wisconsinite has her own thing going on and we're way into it.

Hyperbole aside -- there is only one Kate Upton, and one Charlotte McKinney. That being said -- there is also only one Antje Utgaard. All of them are absolute stunners and this doesn't need to be a competition. There's plenty of hot to go around thanks to them and their enormous talents.

You wouldn't think it from her name, but, like Kate, Antje is also from the Midwest. Wisconsin to be exact. She has a couple other huge, bouncy similarities to both Kate and Charlotte that are pretty obvious, but let's stop talking about them and focus on Antje. Like, really focus, and devote a lot of time to these pictures. Antje has earned it. This is important work we're doing here, guys.