Hard rock darlings Art of Dying got the heavy music world’s attention by singing to David Draiman and Dan Donegan of Disturbed’s label, Intoxication Records, last year. So, just how did they get the attention of the gents of Disturbed?

“We put demos out everywhere and somehow Dan got a hold of it and he liked it,” bass player Cale Gontier told the Examiner. “Dan began following us on MySpace and saw our hard work. One day, Dan called and talked with Jonny for about an hour and we did not hear anything until one year later when he called again. When he called back, he asked us to open for Disturbed.

“That tour was pretty much a showcase for us we had no idea at that time that Disturbed had a record label. After the tour was finished, they signed us, and since then, we have been on a few major tours.”

They make it sound easy, right? Now, Art of Dying are on the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Tour, playing alongside heavyweights Three Days Grace, Seether, Avenged Sevenfold and more.

The tour wraps Oct. 14 in Mountain View, Calif., and Gontier will miss the camaraderie of the trek. “It’s a special thing to be on stage and see the crowd get into the music with you,” he said. “It’s nice to watch the crowd grow, and it's fun to watch them sing and get into it.”