Asking Alexandria not only rocked a bunch of faces off at Dirt Fest 2013, but they also were kind enough to give us a guided journey through their home away from home - their tour bus -- see the exclusive video here!

Asking Alexandria is riding high on the success of their just-released album 'From Death to Destiny,' which is set to become the band's second consecutive album to debut in the top 10 on the Billboard 200. Their current single 'The Death of Me' is the climbing the radio charts and the native Englanders have been rocking the hell out the festival circuit in the States. Needless to say, their stock is pretty high (and far from stopping) currently.

Despite all of that, the guys were kind enough to give us a walk through their understandably cluttered tour bus. You try living in a bus for months without breaking a few TVs or taping stuff over the windows. Also, they made it very clear that they are supporters of the Banana.

Aside from a one-off stop in Arkansas in late September, the band will conclude its US tour this week and are then headed to South America for a 10-day stint.

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