Anne Erickson had the chance to sit down with Johnny Christ of Avenged Sevenfold while at Rock on the Range 2011. Johnny being a down to earth guy, discussed the current album's success, their single 'So Far Away', life on the road, the end of the world, and what's next for Avenged. Check out the interview.

Your current album 'Nightmare' has been doing awesome and you already have three hit singles, did you guys know when you first wrote this album that it would do so well?

"You know we always just kind of strive to do better than the last album...we like to keep it fresh and  evolve in to what ever were liking at the time."

Your current single 'So Far Away' is kind of a different feel for Avenged, is it fair to say a softer side?

"We always like to have a couple of softer songs on the album give you a journey as your listening to the record all the way through that was one that Synyster Gates wrote the lyrics to. It's his first time writing lyrics,  it's a tribute and basically saying goodbye to our brother that we lost; 'The Rev'."

You're out on the road so much, the 'Nightmare After Christmas' tour just wrapped... you're constantly on the road, how do you guys do it?

"I have a lot of fun on the road. We're out with best friends in the world. When we go home I call them up right away and we still hang out all the time so for us it's just fun, it's just a big party."

It's supposedly gonna be the end of the world at some point tonight, do you think it's possible that Avenged will be on stage tonight and the world will just explode?

"Yeah I guess it could happen, I don't know [laughs]. I heard something about it but I just don't pay attention to that there's always somebody new saying the world is gonna end."

What are the plans for Avenged coming up...a new album maybe?

"Right now we're just gonna tour. We have a lot more touring to do, we gotta get out to Europe, we're gonna be going around the world. Wherever the are Avenged Sevenfold fans we're gonna try and play for them. After that we'll probably go in and try to write a new record and well see how that goes's gonna be a a very different process with out having Jimmy around."

How are you dealing with the loss of Jimmy['The Rev']?

"It's bittersweet. Right now we're able to keep his legacy on and that's very much the only reason were out here doing it. Without our family of fans we wouldn't be out here at all, so it's definitely bittersweet."