Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ has returned with perhaps the most requested episode of all time. In this segment, we find out from Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows what’s true and what’s false about himself and the band on Wikipedia.

Surprise, surprise… they got Shadows’ birthplace wrong. Oh, and the Avenged vocalist cannot play the clarinet, though he now wishes he could, so he could bust it out at dinner parties.

Another entry falsely says M. Shadows “began signing at an early age” with his interest in rock and metal music coming later when he picked up the guitar. Actually, Shadows didn’t start singing until he began to form bands in school. “I didn’t want to be a singer, man, I got forced into it!” Shadows recalls. “You become the singer when you’re in high school and people are starting bands. I guess I’ve gotta sing, I’m the only one who can sing in key.”

Shadows also clears up an entry stating Avenged Sevenfold’s stage names were not finalized when they released their Warmness on the Soul EP and guitarist Synyster Gates was, at the time, credited as Synyster Gaytes. “Synyster Gates definitely wanted his named spelled G-A-Y-T-E-S and then once he saw it in print, he said, ‘I’m changing it.’ He liked that, he thought it was funny, and then it wasn’t so funny anymore,” Shadows laughs.

Check out the M. Shadows edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ above and stay tuned every Wednesday for a whole season of new episodes!

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