Bam Margera fans have been concerned about the Jackass cast member and pro skater following a string of bizarre posts on Instagram. Following a plea to Dr. Phil, Bam got the TV therapist’s name tattooed on his neck. But his troubles continue as he recently got arrested at a Los Angeles hotel.

The Jackass crew has been attempting to get Bam help for substance abuse issues for a while, with Chris Pontius even commenting publicly about their efforts on Bam’s Instagram. Margera claimed Dr. Phil was the only person who could help him, and Bam even taped an episode with him recently, though it has yet to air. Bam reportedly entered rehab after the taping, though he bailed just days after.

On Aug. 13, Margera found himself at Kat Von D’s tattoo shop getting a Dr. Phil tattoo, with a heartgram logo next to it, on his neck. “I’ve gotta pay my respects to Dr. Phil. I cried out on the interweb at 7AM and that very morning, his team was there in Austin, Texas to get me first class to go to L.A. to get me some help,” the Jackass member stated.

Early the next morning, Margera was videotaped while sitting on the floor in the lobby of a hotel. "This is not a fucking reality TV show. I know you're fresh out of rehab, so let's get your shit together,” an officer told Bam. Police later handcuffed Bam and led him to a patrol car.

According to TMZ, Bam was last seen behind bars with bail set at $1,000.

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