It's been slow-moving when it comes to reopening up the state but for the first time, it feels like there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Today restaurants and bars are reopening after being closed since back in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A lot of restaurants across the state were offering takeout but this is the first time since the start of the pandemic that customers are actually allowed to dine in.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, state mandates like capacity limits still hover over some of the rules that food businesses will have to follow, which will likely continue for many months as the state enters another foreign phase of its dealings with the pandemic.

Not all restaurants will be able to open just yet due to lack of personal protective equipment or in some cases, they don't want to open yet with capacity limits set in place. Some business owners simply don't want to put employees and customers at risk.

As much as I want to go and dine-in somewhere, I'll probably wait a while. Not because I have concerns or fears related to the coronavirus but because I'm sure the wait to get in anywhere will be insane. I'll just continue to get takeout until things die down a bit.

Next week will be an exciting one as well as hair and nail salons, barber shops, tattoo studios, and massage services throughout the state will be allowed to reopen.

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