An innovative new business based in Michigan hopes brewers will consider putting their concoctions in their cans.

Andrew Mclean and his partner Scott Richards recently launched Michigan Mobile Canning, the state’s first mobile canning service, which is ultimately geared towards providing Michigan brewers with full service canning without being forced to purchase their own equipment.

Armed with a 16-foot box truck and some super-crafty canning equipment, McClean  says that as soon as a brewery is prepared to distribute their beer, Michigan Mobile Canning can essentially show up and can their product under the brewery’s supervision and then be gone.

With most canning systems costing a small fortune, McClean says that the mobile canning model is perfect for craft brewers just getting started.

"Unless a brewer wants to go big, we can help guys minimize upfront costs. We made the upfront investment so they don't have to," said McLean. "There are two things we can help small breweries who have never packaged before do: We can help package for the first time, and we can help them get into the retail setting. We will be quick enough that they can go state-wide pretty quickly with us."

So far, Michigan Mobile Canning has landed client Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City, with nearly 10 other brewers signing on this summer. Interestingly, prices for this service are simply pay-as-you-go, so breweries considering the mobile canning option do not have to be concerned about contractual obligations.

Now, if we could just get management to finally agree to let us produce a little office brewing project we have deemed “Banana Brew 101.5: Rocker Lagers for Stripper Lovers,” we would be all set to produce the best beer in Michigan.

Michigan Mobile Canning – have your people call our people!